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Monday to Friday: 11am until 10pm

Please arrive no later than 8/9pm.

See my Location information here

 Same day sessions are often possible, and advance requests lead to connection.  For same day or next day booking, please be sure to call me! A voicemail can share details like:

*your name

*the style of session you are interested in

*how much time you would like

*and what your window of free time is to meet

If you would like to inquire via one of my session specific contact forms, I will happily write back with details on how to confirm, should our calendars align.  After hearing back from me, please be sure to also give me a quick ring to reserve that dreamy tryst. I can only confirm with a little more personal contact, love vocal interaction, & do need to know that you are actually human.

Below is my work #; call anytime. You will not “wake me up” or otherwise disturb me with a call at your convenience.

Text requests are never ideal, even if we know each other. The experiences I offer are highly personal, and not applicable to the commercial world.

While a modicum of same day and same week requests can be accommodated, the surest way to secure time with me is to schedule into the upcoming week.

(215) 278-9132 (voice or v.m. preferred)

Request Massage

Request Tantra

Request Tie & Tease

You've been waiting for the right time to meet, and I'll be waiting for you to make that move today through Friday of this week. 💗😘💗

Heard of Tantra Island? It's over there in the South Pacific. Vice just did a piece on it, which I found to be amusing, interesting & disconcerting. Would love to know what you think if you have a chance to watch.

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