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Tuesday to Saturday: 11am until 9pm

Please arrive no later than 7:30 or 8pm.

Same day sessions are sometimes possible, and advance requests lead to connection. For same day or next day booking, please use voice or voicemail to give me the complete details of your request, such as:

*your name

*the style of session you are interested in

*how much time you would like

*and what your window of free time is to meet

If you would like to inquire via one of my session specific contact forms, it’s best to do so if  you will be asking to meet with at least 48 hours notice. I will happily write back with details on how to confirm, should our calendars align.  After hearing back from me, please be sure to also give me a quick ring to reserve that dreamy tryst. I can only confirm with a little more personal contact, love vocal interaction, & do need to know that you are actually human.

Below is my work #; call anytime. You will not “wake me up” or otherwise disturb me with a call at your convenience.

Text requests are never ideal, even if we know each other. The experiences I offer are highly personal, and not applicable to the commercial world.

While a modicum of same day and same week requests can be accommodated, the surest way to secure time with me is to schedule into the upcoming week.

(215) 278-9132 (voice or v.m. preferred)

Request Massage

Request Tantra

Request Tie & Tease

See my Location information here

Warm thanks to the special few who managed to get on my schedule during the month of September. I truly appreciate your forethought, reliability, responsiveness & generosity. You make my world go 'round! 🥰

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