FBSM or Tantra?

If you are new to tantric bodywork, and pondering if you should start with a Swedish massage (FBSM), or dive into a tantra session, I encourage you to choose what interests you, and what you are the most drawn to in the present moment. A logical procession through my session styles might be FBSM, then Tantra, and then going even deeper into a sensation play session (Tie & Tease). However, my session styles are not hierarchical to each other, and the one you are most called to, may be the one that you are most ready for.

An initial encounter can be accompanied by a lot of mental chatter and psychic minutiae, “where exactly am I going, will I get there on time, will she be friendly, will it be worth it….will it really be her…..etc”. There may be nervousness around meeting me for the first time, and vice versa. It may not be the perfect time to figure out exactly which of my session styles you like the best, as it is so much about meeting for the first time. We will both be able to relax more during a second encounter, so for our first meeting, I suggest choosing what sounds interesting or exciting, but also not too overwhelming or too much to take in during our first session.

Savannah in yoga pose

If you are in the mood to totally kick back and zone out, my Swedish style may be the best option to start with. Should you fancy learning some fantastic life style practices, while also receiving sublime feminine touch, then Tantra may be the ideal choice. Tantric bodywork expands from Swedish massage in that it incorporates enlivening techniques from the Vedic systems of yoga and meditation into your time, so as to fully awaken the most vital self. This happens not just on a basic physical level, but also within the nervous system, and renews potency in the energetic and spiritual bodies. This awakening can have an incredibly positive benefit on one’s mental outlook and intimate relationships, or help one to re-center after the closure of a love affair.

The yogic practice of breath control, or regulated breathing (pranayama) is a key element in Tantric massage. Pranayama utilizes  elongated patterns of inhalation & exhalation to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates deeper relaxation. I may teach you a yogic technique called “mulabhanda pranayam” which engages the P.C. (pubococcygeus) muscle, in coordination with the breath, to move your kundalini, or primal erotic life force energy, up the spine, & into the nervous system. This practice may lead to clearing of the central channel of energy and spinal column, as well as expanded self awareness & greater intimate control.

Swedish massage is a bit more passive & receptive, whereas during a Tantra session I will invite you to be more engaged. Most likely, you know best what will be most relaxing (or empowering, or awakening) for you. Once we meet in person, I am happy to talk further about sensual techniques most optimal for your erotic journey. A Tantra session can happen when the time is right, and Tantra is about slowing down, rather than rushing into things.

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