-Indulge in B2B –

Luxuriate in the bliss of skin to skin contact. My wonderfully tactile B2B technique is sure to increase enjoyment, and can be added to Swedish, Tantric or Tie & Tease massage styles. This addition will relax us both, & soften the mood. My body slide technique has some similarites to “Nuru”. However, I do not use the nuru gel, but rather water dispersable oil that glides well.

Please be in reasonably good health to add this technique to your session. I cannot offer B2B  to the individual possessed of extreme body hair, or to one who has skin disorders. If you like to shave or wax, please be sure to do so the very day we meet. No stubble, and please be sure to use a new razor if shaving! I do not require waxing or shaving before B2B, however if you choose to do so, please do so properly, and on the very day that we meet. So as to protect my skin from chafing, these caveats must be emphasized.

 It’s best to ask for this upgrade when scheduling, so we can both be prepared.

Savannah on bed
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