Social Networks


*I maintain a strict No Review policy. Our connection is exclusive, & I find exposure to internet gossip to be demeaning and distasteful. Should my having a presence on “review” aka “slander” sites be of great import to you, then we may not be a match. There are other ways to determine that I am “real” and worth seeing.

*Questions such as “How old are you?” and “How long have you been doing this?” should be left outside the door. I am an adult,  and assume that you are too.

*Please be in reasonably good health to see me; I cannot meet with those who have pacemakers or visible medical implants. Kindly refrain from bringing gifts, candies or liquor. Your presence & $ contribution are more than enough.

*Upon arriving and introducing, please feel free to make use of the sundries in the bathroom, such as hand sanitizer, soap, or mouthwash. Should you wish to (solo) shower first, just let me know. Your donation can be set on the kitchen counter. Envelopes are nice, but not necessary .

*If you carry a 5G device or wear a smart watch, we will need to put it in my shielded (faraday) bag, which will be set by your coat and shoes. 5G tech, in fact all wireless devices, but especially 5G, emit highly aggressive, stress inducing radiation. Let’s unplug, shall we?

*We may only have an hour or two together; let’s make it count. Asking me to explain alternate session styles may deter from the actual experience and distract me. My About Me, FAQ & Session pages are all designed to be informative.

*Good communication is sexy. If you are unsure as to what I may or may not be open to (it’s best not to assume), simply ask before acting. Your consent to new experiences is also honored.

*The act of solo gratification should be enjoyed elsewhere, as my massage studio is not a self pleasuring oasis. Please be in reasonably good health to see me. I cannot see those with visible, or sizeable, medical implants.

*Please depart my domain in a relaxed & personable manner; I do not conduct my sessions with the “get off & get out” mentality that is unfortunately so common. You will have adequate time to shower, dress and bid me adieu.

*Thank you for reading my lengthy etiquette page, & for helping me keep my studio environment a pleasurable one for both of us. Do feel free to let me know about your caveats!