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*Please be in reasonably good health to see me. I cannot see those with visible, or sizeable, medical implants.

*Should you arrive early, there are several cafes and bars within a few blocks of my place. Calling my attention to an early arrival will intrude on my preparation time. Kindly refrain from bringing gifts (other than your tribute) to my incall. If you are inspired to give me a gift, I invite you to visit my Luxy List.

*Upon arriving and saying hello, please set your tribute on the counter, leave your shoes & phone in my (internal) entry hallway, and make use of the sundries in the bathroom (such as hand sanitizer, soap, mouthwash). Just let me know if you wish to (solo) shower first.

*Good communication is sexy. If you are unsure as to what I may or may not be open to, simply ask before doing. I am not a fan of surprises, and your consent to new experiences is also honored. My massage studio is not a self pleasuring oasis; the act of solo gratification should be enjoyed elsewhere.

*It’s important to refrain from asking me to explain alternate session styles when we meet in person. I can give you my best by staying focused on the style of your choosing.

*Our connection is exclusive, & exposure to explicit reviews, or using me as a “reference”, is nowhere on my wish list. As a matter of good karma, please protect my personal details, as I do yours.

* If you carry a 5G device or wear a smart watch, we will need to put it in my shielded (faraday) bag. 5G tech, all wireless tech, really, emit highly aggressive, stress inducing radiation.

*Thank you for reading, & for helping me keep my studio environment a relaxing & pleasurable one. Do feel free to let me know about your caveats!