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*Good communication is sexy. If you are unsure as to what I may or may not be open to, simply ask me about it, before asserting. I am not a fan of surprises, and your consent to new experiences is also honored. If you wish to bring a gift, please know that your presence and your $ contribution are more than enough. I cannot accept party favors or alcohol.

*Upon arriving and saying hello, please set your gift on the counter, leave your shoes & phone in my (internal) entry hallway, and make use of the sundries in the bathroom (such as hand sanitizer, soap, mouthwash).

*My massage studio is not a self pleasuring oasis; the act of solo gratification should be enjoyed elsewhere.

*Our connection is exclusive, & exposure to explicit reviews, or using me as a “reference”, is nowhere on my wish list. As a matter of good karma, please protect my personal details, as I do yours.

* If you carry a 5G device, we will need to put it in my shielded (faraday) bag. 5G tech  emits highly aggressive, stress inducing radiation.

*Thank you for reading my Etiquette page, & for helping me keep my studio environment a peaceful one. Do feel free to let me know about your caveats!