*For business travelers, it’s best to avoid including me in potential flight delays, as well as in plans to come to Chicago that may end up being cancelled. If your plans are uncertain, or subject to change, please consider waiting to schedule until you have arrived the city.

My place is your place. Upon arriving and introducing, please feel free to make use of the sundries in the bathroom, such as hand sanitizer, soap, or mouthwash. Should you wish to (solo) shower first, just let me know. Damp towels can be left in the bathroom, or in the treatment room on top of the massage table. Fresh breath is next to godliness.

*Questions such as “Do you live here?” and “How old are you?” and “How did you get into this?” are best left outside the door. I am an experienced adult, and assume that you are, too. My “work home” aka my incall apartment, is NOT my private residence.

*If you carry a 5G device or wear a smart watch, we will need to put them in my shielded (faraday) bag, which will be set by your coat and shoes. 5G tech, in fact all wireless devices, but especially 5G, emit highly aggressive, stress inducing radiation. Let’s unplug, shall we?

*We may only have an hour or two together; let’s make it count. Asking me to explain alternate session styles may deter from the actual experience and distract me. My About Me, FAQ & Session pages are all designed to be informative & engaging, & I would love to schedule a second session with you.

*Good communication is sexy. If you are unsure as to what I may or may not be open to (it’s best not to assume), simply ask before acting, and wait for my reply. Your consent to new experiences is also honored, & during our first meeting I prefer to focus on you. Everything that I do, and do not offer, is detailed on this site.

*The act of solo gratification should be enjoyed elsewhere, as my massage studio is not a self pleasuring oasis. Please be in reasonably good health to see me. I prefer not to see those with visible, or sizeable, medical implants.

*My sessions are not conducted with the “get off & get out” mentality that is unfortunately so common. You will have adequate time to shower, dress and cordially bid me adieu. Come as a guest, and leave as a friend.

*With the exception of, I maintain a No Review policy. Exposure to internet gossip is demeaning and distasteful. If my having a presence on certain, & shall not be named, “review & slander” sites of great import, then we may not be a match. There are other ways to ensure that I am “real”, such as familiarizing yourself with my intentional online presence. All of the sites that I actually choose to be represented on can be viewed by visiting my links page.

*Thank you for reading my lengthy etiquette details, & for helping me keep my studio environment a relaxed and pleasurable one for both of us. Do feel free to inform me of your caveats!