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*Making conversation about covid during our time together is not relaxing. Let’s chat about more upbeat subjects.

*Upon arriving and saying hello, please set your gift on the counter, leave your shoes & phone in my (internal) entry hallway, and make use of the sundries in the bathroom (such as hand sanitizer, soap, mouthwash). I will direct you to where you can undress.

*If you would like to bring a gift, hot house flowers are always enjoyed. Party favors cannot be accepted. If you are unsure as to what I am or am not open to, simply ask. Good communication is sexy!

*My massage studio is not a self pleasuring oasis; the act of solo gratification should be enjoyed elsewhere.

*Our connection is exclusive, & exposure to explicit reviews is nowhere on my wish list. Posting details about my location is very bad manners and compromises my safety. As a matter of good karma, please protect my personal details, as I do yours.

*I prefer that 5G devices not be brought into my environment. They emit aggressive radiation that can cause extreme tension and damage to reproductive organs. It’s ideal to leave all 5G devices in your car, and bring a pen and notebook to copy the details I send you for building entry. If this does not work, your 5G devices can go into my shielded faraday bag as soon as you arrive. Please advise.

*Thank you for reading my Etiquette page, & for helping me keep my studio environment a peaceful one. Do feel free to let me know about your caveats!