*Good communication is sexy. While I am attentive to the needs of my guests, I also expect that the grown men who visit me are fully capable of communicating limits, and boundaries. We can always pause during the experience, to determine it’s most appropriate trajectory. Always feel free to tell me how you are feeling, and to share about what you don’t, or do enjoy. I am happy to accommodate if it makes sense to do so.

*During our In Real Life meeting, asking me to explain alternate session styles may deter from the experience you requested, & pose a distraction to us both. As we may have just an hour or so together, let’s make it count. My About Me, FAQ & Session pages are all designed to be informative & engaging. When you are ready for a repeat, or unprecedented, experience, I would love to schedule a second session with you.

*Please be in reasonably good health to see me. The act of solo gratification should be enjoyed elsewhere, as my massage studio is not a self pleasuring oasis. It’s best to reserve the joy of self pleasuring for personal time at home. 

*The details to get into my building and up onto my floor are, well, very detailed; that info is written to make sure that you don’t get lost in the complex. Therefore, it is essential to keep your phone with you, and to keep your cell on until you are inside the elevator. I will send you several texts to get up into my place. Please be sure to respond with an “okay” or a “copy that”, especially after my address and unit # has been sent. If you do not confirm receipt, I may not know that it is you knocking, and I may not open my door!

*The apartment doors in this condo building are anything but sound proof. Please knock very, very gently so neighbors don’t think someone is knocking on their door. Once you are inside, let’s quietly introduce ourselves. We can speak more freely in the living room, and in the massage room. Also, please make a quiet departure. Asking me session related questions while preparing to walk out, and standing just within my front door, may result in one’s phone # being blocked.

*5G devices and smart watches emit stress inducing radiation. Please plan on powering down during your visit to my relaxation oasis. If you don’t mind, it’s also good to put all wireless devices in my shielded faraday bag, as anything with battery power still emits some radiation. My faraday bag is kept in the entry by your coat and shoes. 5G tech, really all wireless devices, but especially 5G, emit highly aggressive, invasive frequencies. Let’s relax & unplug, shall we?

*Feel free to make use of the sundries in the bathroom, such as hand sanitizer, soap, or mouthwash. If possible, it’s best to avoid wearing cologne or using heavy after shave. Should you need to pop into the shower upon arrival, just let me know. Shoes can be left on the floor in the entry way.

*With the exception of, I maintain a No Review policy. Exposure to internet gossip is demeaning and distasteful. If my having a presence on certain, & shall not be named, “review & slander” sites is of great import, then we may not be a match. There are other ways to ensure that I am “real”, such as familiarizing yourself with my intentional online presence. All of the sites that I actually choose to be represented on can be viewed by visiting my links page.

*Please depart my studio in a calm and sociable manner. I always leave at least 30 minutes, if not significantly more, between sessions.  Thank you for reading my lengthy etiquette details, & for helping me keep my studio environment a relaxed and pleasurable one for both of us. Do feel free to inform me of your caveats!