Developing a tryst with a masseuse deserves more than one visit, and so I offer you several session styles to find your preferred style of sensual relaxation (which you can read about on subsequent pages). For the most enjoyable experience, I ask that we stay focused on the massage style of your choosing during your session time. This is a one on one session; no couples. I am available to the good natured gentleman of age 20 to 70. 

Full Body Sensual Massage (45, 60 or 75 Minutes): Relax in the hands of good company, and enjoy my classic approach to sensual massage (also known as FBSM). This style adds an exciting dynamic to the “therapeutic”; unwavering focus on your fulfillment makes it easy to come completely into the moment. This stress-relieving session is a superb way to take time out from a busy day. The room will be tranquil with tea light candles and the calming ambiance of salt lamps. Conducted with long flowing strokes and Swedish effleurage, this massage will tribute your body, allowing all parts of you to be in the moment, & at ease. My artful healing and genuine presence will soothe your soul. Priority is given to longer sessions. I invite you to visit when you are in the mood to relax, receive & release; the focus is on you!

Body2Body (One Hour Minimum, Incall Only, Plus $100): Immerse your senses in the joy of skin to skin contact. Rest & receive as I glide my well oiled feminine physique over your masculinity. Classic FBSM massage accompanies body slide technique. A massage table is needed to safely conduct this technique; please plan on meeting at my incall for B2B.

*Please note that the individual possessed of extreme body hair is not a great candidate for B2B. If you like to shave or wax your body, doing so on the actual day that we meet for Body2Body massage is imperative. Stubble is harsh on my skin, so please do not shave or wax the day before. Please do so the day of, if that will be a part of your preparation!

Lux FBSM (90 Minutes) plus $100: Indulge in full body sensual massage, plus B2B and heat therapies. Your retreat into my urban oasis will commence with solo time in my luxurious soaking tub for 5 minutes before your hands on treatment. Soak away the flurry of the day, and prepare to relax and receive on my luxurious massage table. Hot stone treatment accompanies sensual massage & body slide, for extra muscular relief. Essential oils and cupping may also be included, if you so desire.

*Please note that pressure varies from feather light to semi deep. (I do not practice deep tissue)

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