So, good looking, what’s your pleasure?

Please take the time to read about how best to get in touch, as in please read this page from top to bottom. Please, and thank you. Priority is given to he who calls. Call at any hour, 24/7; I do check my voicemail regularly.

-April 21st to May 31st-

Sun, Mon: 2pm until 9pm

Tues, Wed, Thurs: 12pm until 9pm

Friday: 10am until 4pm

Last Arrival is One Hour Prior to the Closing Hour!

Change or Cancel: 24 to 48 Hour’s Notice

For a spur of the moment session, I do need at least two hour’s notice. I am never available “now”, and I do accept reservations up to 6 weeks in advance. Requests can be made via email, phone call, voicemail, (text only if we already know each other), or contact form. If this will be our first ever date, I do need to hear your voice before confirming (that means calling, whenever you have a moment to do so). Business travelers, kindly refrain from including me in potential flight delays.

Contact via my Work Phone

(312) 870-0774

(Voice or V.M., call at any hour)

*please share your preferred moniker

*what style of massage session you would like & duration

*please share one or two days and times to meet

Contact forms: (the Safari browser may be glitchy, do double check my hours above before sending a form)

Request Massage

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I review inquiries all week long, & will get back to you just as soon as womanly possible!

Call me 24/7 at: (312) 870-0774