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– Hours By Appointment –

Mon to Fri: 10am until 9pm 

Saturday: 12pm until 8pm

Please arrive no later than one hour before closing, as I rise with the sun. 

PHONE: (215) 278-9132

Twitter X: @dahl_savannah 

Same day sessions can happen, & thoughtful planning is much appreciated. My cancellation policy is 24 to 48 hours; should you wish to adjust the style or duration of your booking, it’s best to let me know a day ahead. Business travelers, please refrain from including me in flight delays. 

Voice is always preferred to text. Priority is given to he who calls! I love the sound of the human voice, & do need to hear yours before we can confirm a meeting time. Voice messages can be left 24/7, at any hour.

Please only send a contact form when you are confident of your schedule, and only if you are 100% serious about following through. 

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