Breath in pleasure, and release tension. Let the infinite moment be your constant paramour. 

Have you experienced the energizing potency of your kundalini energy? Have you accessed your peak, and now wish to go further? Tantric bodywork integrates ancient eastern healing practices with relaxing sensual touch. We will meet for one to two hours, per your preference. This style of session requires time for me to observe your breathing and arousal patterns, and to faciliate both, so longer may be better, depending on what you need.

My authentic approach integrates serious skills with sensational pleasure, and blends the best of European & Asian healing traditions. Prepare to experience whole body erotic release with the fusion of  breathwork, perhaps a bath ritual to relax and break the ice, and, of course, bodywork. As a more dynamic sensual massage, tantra can create expanded pleasure and deeper relaxation.

  Two hour sessions are intended to include social time, and to commence with a bath ritual. If there are matters you would like to converse with me about, or if you simply wish to have time to get acquainted, please afford time to do so. 1.5 hour sessions can also include some social time, and I am always conversative regardless. Please think about what you may need, and keep my schedule in mind when choosing a session duration.

BREATHWORK: My style of tantric breathwork is easy. I will guide you in and out of “wave form” breathing, with the intention of opening up the conductivity of the “shushumna nadi”, or central energy channel. This is essentially the spinal column; by directing conscious breath into the lower body, and moving it up the torso and the spine, we make it easier for full body pleasure to manifest. Rather than asking you to do extreme deep breathing the whole time, I will modify this practice in accordance with what may seem both relaxing and energizing for you.

BODYWORK: Enjoy & unwind in my quiet & private temple space. Connect with the power of your kundalini (primal life force) as I guide you on an exploration of your erotic potential with my magical tantric touch. Have you ever felt lightning rippling beneath your skin? Tingling sensations may emerge throughout your physique, and into your fingers & toes. The focus of this massage directs intentional touch into the lower body, so as to move primal life force up the torso and the spine. Tantric touch makes it easier for your kundalini energy to permeate your nervous system, thereby making full body pleasure more readily accessed. You may experience greater physical control & endurance, or simply surrender to sublime bliss.

BATH RITUAL (75 minute minimum): Consider requesting to start with a sensual meditation in my lux soaking tub. In preparation for receiving my excellent tantric touch, immerse your physique in the warm and sensual waters of my luxurious soaking tub. Elemental healing will embrace you, candle light will enchant, & subtle caresses will aid in sensing your subtle (energetic or spiritual) body. Starting your session in this manner may ease expanding into receptivity, and breaking the ice. Deepen your mind- body connection within a more permissive container of time, and breath & meditate through the 7 chakras (primary energy centers) as I guide you with light touch and soothing voice into visualizing these epicenters of erotic life force. This calming ceremony gives you time to pause and reset your nervous system, releasing the friction of the outer world so as to be more present to your time within my tantra temple.

Deeper details on the techniques of tantra, as well as how to choose between swedish massage and tantric bodywork, can be found on my blog.

Please note that I do not offer rosebud massage, or P Spot work. There are other tantrikas in Chicago who can accommodate that. Also, I am not currently offering tantra to couples, or to ladies. My Tantra session is available to the gentleman of age 20 to 65.

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