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This style of encounter is reserved for the well established friend, who has seen me at least once within the past six months.


I am a cherished confidante who enjoys conversation and leisure time. One or more of my various massage techniques can be included, per your preference. Our date may begin with B2B massage, to relax us both and soften the mood.

My ideal patron values both an opulent interlude and a secure liaison. From the earth angel experience to the girlfriend encounter, a variety of atmospheres await our perusal. Join me when you’re ready to feel sensationally alive.

Wardrobe requests such as the little black dress, stockings and heels, or an evening gown are happily accommodated. My appearance in public is always stylish, and appropriate. 

Dates of 3 hours or longer should include in room entertainment other than myself, dining, or a double. Overnights and longer adventures can include tantric practice and exploration of the Kama Sutra.

A day’s notice is typically required for a companion date!

*sharing our vivacity with each other in a safe, protected manner is a must at all times

To request a date, please use this contact form.

Savannah on bed