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Salutations, Adventurist! Ready to Play?

I am thrilled to share the enlivening impact of sensation play with those who are new to Tie & Tease massage, or a “FemmeDomme” encounter. I also enjoy meeting with those who are loyal to classic dommes, & who also enjoy the hybrid experience of intensity plus pleasure (sensual femdom). If you are familiar with the relaxing benefits of FBSM and Tantra, & are ready for something even more stimulating, this experience may be just the thing.

To make sure we start off on the right foot, please read the entirety of this page before inquiring. It’s also good to take a look at my etiquette page. Once you have done so, feel free to call me & schedule, or to send my Tie & Tease contact form (at bottom of contact page). More can be learned about my FemDom persona via my secondary Twitter X: @femdomsavannah. This session is available to the gentleman of age 20 to 65. Read on, adventurist, be you ready, and willing. 

TIE & TEASE MASSAGE, 75 Minutes, 1.5 or 2 Hours: Sessions starting at a minimum of 1.5 hours are preferred;  I may honor a 75 minute request when possible. This is a sensation play session that incorporates vigorous pleasure and basic bondage, with an emphasis on impact play to heighten presence to the moment & physical response. I offer this experience to those who are already initiated into soft domination, as well as to the nervous newbie who needs special provocation to get out of his head, & into the erotic moment. Intensity can range from subtly seductive, to extremely physical. Feather light touch, fierce massage, & an array of tools and techniques will guide you into this experience. Playful restraints will make you mine, & invoke surrender to your mistress. Enjoy the fabulous intensity of being sensually dominated, as I enliven your skin with finger nails, flogging & cropping. Be absolved of mental chatter and worldly distractions while you enjoy the fabulous intensity of being sensually dominated by a beautiful woman. Relentless pleasure & stimulation may consume you as I enliven your skin with finger nails, flogging & cropping, and command all of your senses. Consent & safety are key elements to time in a FemDom’s keeping; you can let me know what level of intensity you like, or if you don’t like intense sensations at all. You will share what kinds of restraints you enjoy, and your preferred forms of impact play. This venture takes place on my massage table, composed of leather and steel; sturdy enough for this sensation play ritual.

While you are in my care, everything that happens is agreed upon. I may find and push your edges, and I will also check in with you while doing so. If it isn’t fun for you, it isn’t fun for me! You will set the level for what you want to experience, from light to intense. We may use the “Red, Yellow, Green” safety method. This indicates “Stop now”, or “On the edge” or “More please”. I will stay in communication with you throughout your time.

Body2Body can be added by request for 1.5 to two hour sessions. I love “Bondage Body Slide” sessions!

Please note that this is not “Bondabody” or “Bondassage”. While there are some similarities in my FemDom sessions to that school of practice, “Bondassage” is a trademarked term.


At times, I receive requests asking me to blend Tie & Tease with Tantra, or to offer “dark tantra”. I must state that they are separate, and singular, session styles. My offerings are not “a la carte” or “mix & match”. While I am always a Tantrika, and tantric energy & breath awareness is present in all of my sessions, I do my best by keeping session styles separate. This helps me to stay focused on the archetype that I am embodying, & to engage the mental energy I need to conduct a safe & consensual experience. Tantric massage is for relaxation & healing, & my sensual FemDom sessions are for relaxation -plus- intensity & power exchange; and so yes, this could be considered a dark tantra session, but I do best by wearing one hat at a time.  Please refrain from asking me to “blend” session styles.

Mistress Savannah


This merging of relaxing pleasure with awakening intensity could also be called soft domination, or playful BDSM. Erotic extremism can be a stimulative tonic for the routine weary Chicagoan. My sensation play techniques will introduce you to the excitement of being sensually dominated, or evolve your relationship to it. Should you crave immersion in a more instinctual, animalistic paradigm, be you brave or be you daunted, these rituals are for you. Playful BDSM reaches into the intellect, and can elicit one’s most novel predilections. While I am not a lifestyle Dominatrix, I am an experienced FemDom; one who loves to tease & torture you, make you gasp & watch you wiggle. My incall contains essentials such as restraints, blindfolds, crops, floggers, Wartenburg wheels, and other toys. If you have something special that you would like to bring, please discuss with me beforehand.

Please take a look at my Interests & Limitations below.

Savannah on spanking table

My Interests (what I enjoy):

*bondage & restraints, D/s power exchange

*CBT (my favorite)

*role play & pet play

*impact play

*honorifics, such as “Miss” and “Mistress”; or you can simply call me Savannah

*foot worship, trampling, pantyhose torment

*tease & denial, sensory deprivation, tickle torture

*vibration toys (external usage only)

My Limitations (not offered):

*no sounding, crimson, scat, medical play, golden showers, smoking, wrestling, or mummification

*dildo play, pegging & strap-on are NOT one of my many talents; please don’t ask

*I can entertain some cross dressing, but prefer not to session with those who have undergone body modifications

*self pleasuring is not a part of this session (your body is my plaything only!)

*pre-sessioning via multi paragraph and graphicly worded emails is considered “cyber switching”, and I don’t switch

Some reviews of my Tie & Tease sessions can be found through Private Delights (on my links page) 

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