Where are you from?


Do you like meeting new people?

Yes; it’s nice to devote one’s time to making people feel good. I feel quite lucky that my energies & talents are expended in a life affirming direction.

How old are you?

Old enough to get a drink at the saloon.

Are your photos real?

Absolutely. Some were taken by friends, and some by professional photographers, so you may see some variety in imagery. I am a chameleon, and they are all me.

What’s it like to do this kind of massage?

It’s fun, & exhilarating. I take good care of myself by doing daily energy clearing practices. Going on long walks in nature to get fresh air and sunshine is a constant, as is retreating into a steam room, soaking in salt baths, and retail therapy.

I loved my session, can I see you again tomorrow?

I am thrilled that you enjoyed your time, and enjoy seeing my patrons at a relaxed interval (weekly, monthly, seasonally)….let’s build some anticipation, shall we? If you are in town for a quick business trip, and are hoping that I can accommodate you sooner, just let me know, & I will see what I can do.

What turns you on?

Good manners & grounded generosity; conversation that evolves past the interview.

Can I rebook an appointment I didn’t show up for?

Potentially, however my cancellation policy is 24 to 48 hours; further details on my Rates page. Late cancellation fees need to be provided, and this must happen before a new appointment can be made.

Can I use you as a reference?

Please don’t. I simply do not have time to help out the competition. I may make an exception for providers who I personally know.