My requested tribute is non-negotiable. Cash only, please. Upon arrival, and after saying hello, it’s best to set your gift on the entry counter before we commence our time. Envelopes are nice, but not essential. I may be open to receiving an Amazon gift card in lieu of cash, however please arrange this with me in advance. Envelopes are nice, but not necessary.¬†

My rates are structured to be accessible to individuals from a variety of economic backgrounds. If you are successful in your industry, or otherwise well to do, you may be aware that what I offer is worth a bit more than my pricing baseline.

While gratuity is never expected, it is always appreciated.



$250 for One Hour / $315 for 75 Minutes

$375 for 1.5 Hours

$500 for Two Hours (Established Clientele Only)

Plus $100 to Add B2B



For My Well Established, VIP Clientele Only

$500 for One Hour / $700 for 1.5 Hours

$900 for Two Hours



*For cancellation made with less than 24 hour’s notice, a fee 100% is required for me to be open to rescheduling. I am very selective in who I agree to meet with. If you confirmed a session with me, please do honor your time. Details on how to send the cancellation fee can be shared via email.

Thank you for your thoughtful planning, & consideration!

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