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Voice, or voicemail, is always preferred. Priority is given to he who calls. You can ring me at any hour, 24/7. It’s best to call after looking over the basic details on my site. Please abstain from text requests. For a spur of the moment session please be sure to call; my contact form is best used for advance requests.

AUGUST HOURS: 10am until 10pm, Mon through Sat

Requests made via voicemail can have these details:

*your name & what style of session you are interested in

*one or two dates you can meet, as well as your window of free time

*how much time you would like to spend

For advance booking, feel free to send the contact form specific to your interests. 

Same day appointments are often available, & contacting me a week in advance is always a stellar idea.

Voice -or- Voicemail: (215) 278-9132

Request Massage or Tantra

Request Tie & Tease

See my Location information here

Your body deserves better than calling, texting, sending contact forms....and never actually making it to my studio!!! SO DOES MINE

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