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My incall is equipped with hepa air purification units, as well as humidifiers,  and is cleaned and sanitized daily. I consistently diffuse anti viral oils such as lemon and lavender, as well as do regular covid testing. 

If you would like me to wear a mask during our (massage) meeting, I am happy to do so, but please let me know in advance. My immune system is in good order, and will remain that way.


Developing a tryst with a masseuse deserves more than one visit, and so I offer you multiple opportunities to find your preferred style of sensual touch. For the most enjoyable experience, I ask that we stay focused on the style of your choosing during each session. Most of my massage styles are available to the gracious gent of age 20-65, or the adventurous gal of age 25-50.

I invite you to visit when you are in the mood to relax and receive; the focus is on you! Individual sessions are conducted on my massage table; couples massage is given on a king size thai bodywork mat.

SWEDISH sensual massage: 60, 75 or 90 Minutes

This style brings an exciting dynamic to the “therapeutic”. Unwavering focus on your fulfillment makes it easy to come completely into the moment. This stress-relieving session is a superb way to take time out from a busy day. Tribute your body, allowing all parts of you to be in the moment, at ease. My artful healing and focused presence will soothe your soul. Giving massage is as important as getting it.

Sessions of 75 minutes or longer can include HOT STONE, creating earthy reprieve by focusing the heat held deep within the stones. Warmed to perfection, your muscles will thank you for the intensity. 75 Minute plus massages can also include full body application of specific Young Living essential oils, chosen to reduce inflammation and soreness. It is ideal to schedule for essential oil application when you will not have to shower immediately after, so the oils can be better absorbed.

* Please note that pressure varies from feather light to semi deep. (no deep tissue)


Giving massage is as important as getting it. If you wish to enhance your massage skills, you may have the opportunity to practice on me. Please be open to receiving suggestions. I enjoy the “untrained touch” and will both relax and receive, as well as give feedback. This time includes your massage as well.

TIE & TEASE sensual massage ~ One to Two Hours

Savannah Tie & Tease photoShould you be in need of a firm, feminine touch, I would be thrilled to assume brief dominion over your masculinity. This is a sensation play session,  & will introduce you to the thrill of sensual domination, or evolve your relationship to it.  Silk ties will make you mine, and a blind fold is optional. You may call me Savannah, or Mistress. If you are new to this kind of encounter, know that everything that happens in my studio is by consent, and good communication shall be employed by both of us.

Experience the FemDom side of me when you are ready for an experience that transcends the normal definition of pleasure. Surrender to the fabulous intensity of this experience, & be absolved of mental chatter and worldly distractions. I will enliven your skin with finger nails, feathers, & light flogging. Be consumed by enthralling  input as heightened awareness engages your every sense. Intensity can range from lightly seductive, to extremely physical. For the robust adventurist, Tie & Tease can pair slow and subtle edging with moments of surprising intensity.

TANTRIC sensual massage ~  – One to 2.5 Hours –

Have you ever felt lightning rippling beneath your skin? Are you subtly intoxicated by meditation? Does breathing make you tingle? Tantra integrates ancient eastern practices with deeply relaxing touch. Ride the waves of kundalini energy as I guide you on an exploration of the senses. You can learn to experience greater control and increased duration, or simply surrender to sublime bliss. Connect with the root of your being and awaken your kundalini, or primal life force.

For sessions of 75 minutes and more, I offer to begin our session with a bath ceremony. This is a calming way to break the ice and ease into receptivity. Meditate through the primary energy centers, or seven chakras, while I guide you with subtle caresses into sensing your energy body. This ritual gives you time to deepen your breathing, release tension, and renew your mind, body, and spirit. To experience a bath ritual, please let me know when scheduling your session.


Tantric differentiates from Swedish in that it employs elongated breathing patterns to engage the parasympathetic nervous system which creates deeper relaxation. It also makes use of a simple yoga technique called “mulabhanda pranayam” which engages the P.C. (pubacocygeous) muscle, in coordination with the breath, to move electrified erotic life force energy up and down the spine. This creates greater energetic control, clearing of the central channel of energy /  spinal column, and expanded self awareness & pleasure. Tantra sessions can also include partner meditation and a guided bath ritual, if requested.

If you are in the mood to totally kick back and zone out, my Swedish style may be the better option, to start. If you fancy combining learning some fantastic life style practices while receiving sublime feminine touch, then Tantra may be for you. If you are not sure which style to choose, I recommend starting with Swedish.

Savannah topless

B2B Massage- PLUS $100 –

This tremendously tactile session is sure to put you in the zone. Experience the joy of full-body skin-to-skin contact as I guide you toward relaxation and release. Please be devoid of skin disorders; if you like to shave or wax your body, be sure to reduce abrasive stubble by doing so the day of!

I would be happy to blend B2B with massage for you. This additional technique is limited to those of age of age 21-54.

Savannah on bed


Companionship is available at my reserve, and for the well established client only (of age 21-54).

I am a cherished confidante who enjoys conversation and leisure time. One or more of my various massage techniques can be included, per your preference. Our date may begin with B2B massage, to relax us both and soften the mood.

My ideal patron is the congenial soul who values both an opulent interlude, and a secure liaison. From the earth angel encounter to the girlfriend experience, a variety of atmospheres await our perusal. Join me when you’re ready to feel sensationally alive.

Wardrobe requests such as the little black dress, stockings and heels, or an evening gown are happily accommodated. My appearance in public is always stylish, and appropriate. As I’m slightly tall, donning flats is of course an option; feel free to advise me of your footwear preference.

Dates of 3 hours or longer should include in room entertainment other than myself, dining, or a double. Overnights and longer adventures can include tantric practice and exploration of the Kama Sutra. 

Sharing our vivacity with each other in a safe, protected manner, is a must at all times.